Toddler Care

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Toddler Care

Age Range:
19 - 36 months
Areas of Learning:


Motor Skills


Walking, talking, socializing, alternating between independence and dependence, curiosity, and lots of energy are the marks of toddlers. This age group is often messy as they learn to feed themselves, use the potty, and indulge their artistic creativity—all things we celebrate and encourage at Prime Time. We help young toddlers learn boundaries and control without discouraging their innate love of life. Although they can’t yet sing or read, they love to hear and make music, and listen to stories. They enjoy blocks, simple puzzles, and manipulative toys. Lessons are introduced using a dynamic curriculum we’ve developed for this age group with our own monthly themes. Teachers send home a daily report and monthly activity newsletter so parents can keep track of their children’s activities and growth.

With language and motor skills making great leaps, toddlers start expressing rapidly developing independence. Our proprietary thematic curriculum centers on age-appropriate skill goals that challenge toddlers and permit young children’s interactive development. Children learn songs, self-care, sharing, and enjoy dressing up, sand and water play, housekeeping, language, and art lessons. Our daily reports and monthly activity newsletters keep parents informed and connected to their children’s development at Prime Time.