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Age Range:
4 - 5 years
Areas of Learning:

Language & Literacy

Logical Thinking

Fine Motor Skills

Our Pre-K children have grown into unique personalities with a strong sense of self. They are curious learners who develop strong readiness skills in the literacy, language, and logical thinking areas of development. They also grow socially and become problem-solvers, are able to resolve conflicts, and maintain healthy peer relationships. Fine motor skills enable our youngsters to have control with writing materials so that school readiness skills such as writing letters and their name become evident. Phonological awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking questions are emerging literacy skills we will work on during the Pre-K year. Characteristics such as staying on task, regulating behaviors, and a positive, confident approach to learning prepare our children for school success.

Prime Time’s Pre-K curriculum is based on the theory that young children learn through active exploration of their environment. Our focus is to develop the whole child through a broad array of learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate and provide the foundation skills necessary for future school success. Each Pre-K Lead Teacher focuses their curriculum on kindergarten readiness and work with each student on social, cognitive and motor skills; language, and phonics. Each Pre-K classroom is equipped with education stations and computers.