The daily school schedule is carefully designed to balance a teacher’s structured lessons and a child’s self-directed activities.

Classroom hours may vary among schools. Each class has a posted daily schedule. Weather permitting, we go outside every day.

6:30 – 9:30 Arrivals, greetings, breakfast and supervised unstructured and self-directed time including: – dress up, blocks, sand and water table, art and table toys

9:30 Classroom lessons – children join their groups, each with their own curriculum. Teachers’ lesson plans are evaluated weekly by the centers’ Educational Director

10:30 Snack, then bathroom

11:00 Specialty: art, music, library, gym or outside play, or computer learning

11:30 Lunch, bathroom and nap preparation

12:30 – 2:00 Rest and nap time. ( *Minimum one hour State required). Children are allowed to waken gently

2:30 Bathroom, then snack

3:00 Classroom lesson, project, Spanish, computer learning and reading

4:00 Specialty: art, music, gym or outside play, library

5:00 Closing  activities; bathroom and supervised, unstructured play, story telling, movies*, music and computers

*Moderate viewing of carefully selected and age appropriate movies. At no time are children shown network TV programming.