Prime Time Early Learning Centers

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Prime Time Early Learning Centers provides a loving and nurturing environment where your child can establish a confident, self-assured foundation as they socialize, learn and grow. With Prime Time, you will be assured your child is receiving quality care that will prepare them for a healthy, successful future.

All Prime Time Centers offer an environment that is safe and loving, with a staff that is well trained, highly motivated and dedicated to each child’s well-being. Outside of the classroom, we are dedicated to fostering harmonious home-school relations through open, real-time communication with parents.

Our dynamic program exceeds state licensing requirements and paves the way for a solid academic foundation while supporting social interaction and physical development.

What Parents Are Saying

“…Every single member of the Prime Time family has become part of our family.  We have always felt comfortable speaking with the Directors and caregivers about our children or their needs. We are so thankful and highly recommend Primetime.” – Middletown parent

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Epigenic Brain Development in Children

Adapted from NAEYC article by Jack Wright, 2017 Biological science research during the last 20 years has offered educators and parents dramatic changes in our understanding of child development. One key change is it is generally accepted that the debate over nature versus nurture appears over.  We now understand epigenetic adaptation: how a child’s nurturing influences their innate nature. Together the two control our

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The Best Reasons To Send Your Young Kids To Camp

At camp, children: Make new friends– Camp is the place where kids make new friends. Free from the social hierarchies and expectations that develop at home, every child arrives at camp as their own person, with no family history or expectations as who they are or should be.  Camp encourages kids to relax, be themselves and make new friends easily. All the fun at

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Professional Educational Updates for Early Childhood Providers

When we discuss the importance of play as a young child’s primary vehicle for learning, it is important to be knowledgeable of the huge body of research that has been done in major universities around the world about early brain development, how young children learn, and how we can improve the way we support the learning process.  It is also useful to discuss that

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